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Sweet Treats

Suger & Sweet Overload!  This colorful collection is no doubt...super sweet.  It comes with loads of ice cream goodies and giant inflatable lollipops.

Sweet Treats

  • Enjoy six (6) of each items listed:

    • 12" Plush Ice Cream Cones
    • 14oz. Ice Cream Sippy Cups with Straw
    • Strawberry Beret
    • Fruit Lip Gloss
    • 36" Inflatable Lollipops (very large and they squeak)
    • Fork and Spoon Set
    • Round Red Entree Plate + a few extras
    • Round Ice Cream Design Cake Plate + a few extras
    • Purple Beverage Napkins + a few extras


    Party Decor Includes:

    • Ice Cream Garland (9ft long and over 8" tall)
    • 2 Tabletop Tissue Ice Cream Cones (14" tall)
    • 24 Real Lollipops
    • Streamers (Hot Pink, Orange, Light Pink, Lavendar & Lime Green
    • 20 Polka Dot Balloons in Colors Pink, Yellow, Blue, Lime Green & Orange
    • Custom Digital Invitation (One shown here is just an example, but you can use it for your party. Our designer will create something unqiue for your child).



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