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It's an Alien Invasion!!  This collection is amazing in person as most of the costume keeper items glow or light up.  The space guns are insanely cool and make all sorts of noises along with a light show.  This party is great for any age and looks awesome in the dark.


  • Enjoy six (6) of each items listed:

    • Alien LED Lumiton (lights up and changes colors)
    • Green Light-up LED Lumitons for Decor
    • 18" Inflatable Multi-Color Aliens 
    • LED Eyeball Headboppers (batteries included)
    • Jelly Spike YoYo Glow Balls
    • 9" Sturdy LED Space Gun (lights up and makes sounds - way cool!)
    • 12 1/2" Green Alien Sports Bottle with Straw
    • Fork and Spoon Set
    • Green Round Entree Plate + a few extras
    • Purple Round Cake Plate + a few extras
    • Orange Beverage Napkin + a few extras


    Party Decor Includes:

    • 20 Balloons total using Purple with Neon: Yellow, Green, Orange & Pink
    • 3 Streamers (Purple, Black & Lime)
    • Custom Digital Invitation (One shown here is just an example, but you can use it for your party. Our designer will create something unqiue for your child).



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