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Garden Tea Party

Get Social in the Garden!  Precious beyond words describes this elegant little girls tea party.  The details and costume keepers in this collection are super sweet.  Party is best for kids up to age 10.  

Garden Tea Party

  • Enjoy six (6) of each items listed:

    • Pink and Purple Teacup Sippers (measures 7 1/2")
    • 12" Wooden Wand with 2ft Ribbon
    • Straw Hat with Ribbon Tie
    • 48" String of Pearls
    • 8" Wooden Floral Fans
    • 23" Plush Smiling Flowers
    • Long White Dinner Gloves
    • Fork and Spoon Set
    • White Square Entree Plate + a few extras
    • Pink Round Cake Plate + a few extras
    • Floral & Polka Dot Beverage Napkin + a few extras


    Party Decor Includes:

    • (2) Grass-Like Tissue Mats (super creative)
    • Self Inflating Flower & Butterfly Balloons (awesome product!)             4"-4 1/4" x 4"-5" balloon with an 8" plastic stick
    • 15"x 9" Tea Serving Trays (assembly required)
    • 20 Balloons total using colors Pink, White, Green, Lime
    • 3 Streamers (Light Pink, Purple & Lime)
    • Custom Digital Invitation (One shown here is just an example, but you can use it for your party. Our designer will create something unqiue for your child).



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