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Boys Western

Ride'em Cowboy!  This is a traditional western party with adorable costume keepers.  The western arch is 6ft tall and looks awesome in this party. 

Boys Western

  • Enjoy six (6) of each items listed:

    • Cowboy Hat
    • Gold Sheriff Badge (no pins)
    • Cowboy Hat Sippy Cup
    • Western Themed Beaded Necklace (awesome item!)
    • Blue Bandana
    • Fork and Spoon Set
    • Red Round Entree Plate + a few extras
    • Blue Round Cake Plate + a few extras
    • White Beverage Napkins + a few extras


    Party Decor Includes:

    • Free Standing Western Arch (over 6ft tall!) with Red & Blue Letter Kits Assembly required
    • Wanted Photo Sign (23.5 tall x 15.5 wide)
    • 10 Red and 10 Blue Balloons
    • 2 Streamers (Red & White)
    • Cow Print Streamer (3" wide and 20ft long)
    • Custom Digital Invitation (One shown here is just an example, but you can use it for your party. Our designer will create something unqiue for your child).



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