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Boys Beach Party

Let's head to the beach!  This collection is not a Luau.  It's a beach party filled with loads of cute wearbles for boys and girls.  All hail the fanny pack!  

Boys Beach Party

  • Enjoy six (6) of each items listed:

    • Woven Beach Hats with Tropical Band
    • Beach Ball Cup with Straw (4 1/2" cup)
    • Pin Wheels
    • 12" Inflatable Beach Balls
    • Assorted Plastic Sunglasses
    • 9" Colorful Plastic Frisbees (can be used to hold food too)
    • Fork and Spoon Set
    • Round Red Entree Plate + a few extras
    • Round Lobster Design Cake Plate + a few extras
    • Orange Beverage Napkins + a few extras


    Party Decor Includes:

    • 22" Inflatable Lobster
    • Tissue 3D Sun (measures 20 1/2" round)
    • 1 Colored Fish Net (measures 6ft x 15ft)
    • Package of 12 Starfish (4" in diameter)
    • 20 Balloons Total in Blue, Red, Yellow
    • Custom Digital Invitation (One shown here is just an example, but you can use it for your party. Our designer will create something unqiue for your child).
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